Objects for the upcoming exhibition at Auckland Museum are closed-off. However, if you have music objects of interest then we would still love to hear from you!

It is our objective to protect and preserve NZ music history for future generations. In the longer term, we hope to have our own facility to display this memorabilia. In the short term, we will register objects and if required, we will work with our partners at Auckland Museum to archive objects of interest in the interim.

The NZ Music Hall of Fame seeks materials that will help tell the stories of both inductees, as well as NZ contemporary in general. Please note that we do not purchase items, and cannot give appraisals or estimate the value of memorabilia.

Examples of objects we are interested in are:

  • stage wear
  • instruments
  • rare concert posters
  • handbills
  • show programs & set lists
  • some record collections that comprehensively represent one artist
  • hand-written lyrics
  • collections of defunct rock magazines & street press
  • out-of-print books on NZ music
  • vintage licensed merchandise

Examples of objects we are NOT interested in are:

  • general record collections from the Sixties till now
  • newspaper clippings
  • concert t-shirts
  • drawings, paintings, portraits, sculptures or other rock and roll-related artworks

If you have items that you think may be of interest please email us with the following information:

  • Your name, address & phone number;
  • The artist to whom the object pertains (if more than one artist, please use one email per artist);
  • A short description of the object(s);
  • If possible, a photo of the object(s).

Please email your information to: mark@recordedmusic.co.nz